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Barcode equipment and consumables

Barcode Printer

TSC TTP-243, 203 dpi @ HK$1,900
TTP-342, 300 dpi @ HK$2,900

TSC TTP-244, 203 dpi @ HK$1,950

TSC TTP-245,203 dpi @ HK$2,600
TTP-343,300 dpi @ HK$4,000

TSC TTP-246M, 203 dpi @ HK$5,700
TTP-342M, 300 dpi @ HK$5,900

Godex EZ1200, 203 dpi @ HK$3,380
EZ1300, 300 dpi @ HK$4,150

Godex EZ2200, 203 dpi @ HK$6,600
EZ2300, 300 dpi @HK$8,600

Datamax I4208, 203 dpi@ HK$9,800
I4308, 300 dpi@HK$13,000

Zebra S4M, 203 dpi @ HK$7,100

105SL, 203 dpi @HK$11,000


Metrologic MS 5145 laser barcode scanner @HK$680

Metrologic MS 9540 laser barcode scanner @HK$920

Metrologic MS7120 laser barcode scanner @HK$1,850

Metrologic MS1690 2D laser barcode scanner @HK$2,600

Metrologic MS9535 Bluetooth barcode scanner @HK$2,700

Data Terminal

Cipher Lab CPT-8000C (CCD,2MB) Cradle USB @HK$2,350
Cipher Lab CPT-8000L (Laser, 2MB) Cradle USB @ HK$2,950

Print head
MN4203, 203 dpi
MI4208, 203 dpi
MI4308, 300 dpi

E4203, 203 dpi
I4208, 203 dpi
I4308, 300 dpi
CL408e, 203 dpi
105S, 203 dpi
MN4203 HK$1,800
MI4208 HK$3,300
MI4308 HK$4,400
E4203 HK$1,800
I4208 HK$3,300
I4308 HK$4,400

Label Matrix-USB HK$3,100/set

- support 1 D & 2D barcode printing
- Multiple database support
- Design your own barcode
- Identify potential problem on your label design

Ribbon & Label
- Ribbon of Ricoh brand with wax, wax/resin (B110A), resin (B110CR) type
- Face in/out ribbon with 55mm x300m, 80mm x300m, 110mm x 300m, etc.
- Various size of label with semi-gloss, high-gloss, direct thermal, PP and matte silver laminate
- Preprinted/colored/blank label in roll or fan-folded form