Source Tagging
RF EAS Labeling Solution
AM / DR & EM Labelling Solution
Barcode Printing Service
Barcode Equipment & Consumables
Laser/Inkjet Label
Barcode Printing & Custom Label/ Tag
Sew-On AM label
Sew-On RF label
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Based in HK, Tag Now Co. understands all your source tagging needs and presents one-stop labeling solutions to manufacturers and retailers. Our solutions are the most affordable and

Our labeling solutions include:
1. RF EAS security label
2. AM/DR & EM EAS security label
3. Barcode printing service
4. Barcode equipment & consumables
5. Laser/inkjet label
6. Custom-Made label/tag
7. Sew-On RF label
8. Sew-On AM label

Good Quality
All our RF security labels are premium, high Q, low-reject,
low cost and environmentally friendly.
Our RF EAS labels    get ISO 9001: 2000 and pass ROHS compliant
From RF security labels, premium price tickets to barcode labels, our clients can be benefited by
1. reducing shoplifting loss
2. enhancing brand image
3. increasing operation efficiency.

Customer Service
Tag Now Co. provides speedy shipment to Hong Kong, Taiwan and China manufacturers.
Customers can be definitely confident of Tag Now's products and service.

We care all the orders. Even just one roll of RF label !

ˇ§New choice, great gain. ~ Tag Nowˇ¨