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Sensormatic Ultra Strip III label sheet
Acoustic Magnetic (AM) System is one of the most popular electronic security system in the world. Giant retail store like Wal-Mart, Sears, Fred Myer, JC Penny install AM system to prevent

This AM/DR soft label works with Sensormatic AM security system.

- Superior reliability in detection and deactivation
- Virtually false alarm free
- Smallest label footprint

Hand apply label with white color
45.21mm x 10.67mm x 1.89mm
5000 pcs per box
Hand apply label with dummy barcode
45.21mm x 10.67mm x 1.89mm
5000 pcs per box
ZLDRS5 Detail report be provided upon requested
- REACH report
- Rohs report

Hand apply label with black color
45.21mm x 10.67mm x 1.89mm
5000 pcs per box


Electro-Magnetic (EM) soft label
Electro Magnetic system is mostly used in Europe. Library, Jewelry & watch shop and casino install EM security system to prevent shoplifting

- Harmonic EM labels in roll
- Transparent (clear) strip
- Deactivatable or non-deactivatable
- Compatible with most EM systems like Checkpoint, Meto
- Various lengths: 10mm x 32mm, 10mm x 51mm,
10mm x 63.5mm
- Available in carton dispenser, 500 pcs per roll