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Source Tagging
means integration of EAS (Electronic Article Surveillance) labels into products or its packaging during the manu-
facturing or packaging process.

It provides invisible protection that can control shrink, reduce out of stock and hence maximize merchandising.
Over 3000 manufacturers have adopted Source Tagging. Giant chain retailers, supermarkets, apparels, DIY, sporting goods and department stores are more and more welcomed source tagged goods.

Tag Now Co. offers superior, paper thin RF EAS labels with below properties:

1. Strong tag adhesive- the circuit is hard to be removed, shoplifter will
have difficulties in stealing items from retailer.
2. High detection- Q factor is the measure of sharpness of RF EAS label.
Our RF EAS label has been proved to have high Q factor.
3. Lowest bad tags per roll: Under high quality control, it ensures the
lowest amount of bad label per roll. This reduces the cost of assigning
employee to test/QA the labels.